Thursday, January 20, 2011

The names of the more fun teams in the history of football

Football is one of the most popular sports in the country. It can be observed with action, excitement and fun at home or in the field. There were a number of names of the teams in recent years, many of them appropriate for the sport. Others were mainly the nickname of the team's pretty funny.

Why important team name? Your pet a strange name wrong or leave to open a computer to ridicule and contempt, as the teams below have probably seen before:

1. Buffalo Bills - also known as "bills" (Boy I Love Losing Super Bowls), based on the known team loses four straight Super Bowls in the 1990

2. Cincinnati Bengals - also known as the "prey" known

3. Washington Redskins - also known as known, "The Chesapeake Watershed Region Indigenous Peoples" (in response to the politically incorrect word "Redskins")

4. Washington Redskins - also known as "The dead skins" known

5. Detroit Lions - also known as "Detroit Lie-Downs" by the fact that they lie down and let other teams know they are running

6. Tennessee Titans - also known as "The Flaming Pins" known (look at your logo as a pin in the fire is based in fact, is a fire stylized "T".)

7. Philadelphia Eagles - as the "Iggles" refers to some of Philadelphia known to utter the word "Eagles"

These are just some of the fun and unusual nicknames for soccer teams. Nicknames promote team spirit and competition that the fans of other teams. Many of these nicknames are sports or create enthusiastic amateur, like most of the nicknames are usually negative in nature.


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